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Every day our 1,700 Milcobel member dairy farmers and 1,800 employees work together to make a difference for our customers.

Our farmers attach great importance to the well-being and health of their cows. Indeed, the healthier the cow, the better the quality of the milk. Our skilled production teams convert quality milk into premium dairy products at our state-of-the-art facilities, responding to customer and market expectations, which are closely monitored and anticipated by our commercial team. Together, we produce and process about 1.4 billion litres of milk annually.

Milcobel Premium Ingredients is one of three business units part of the Milcobel Group. Our focus lies on the production and worldwide commercialisation of premium dairy and cheese ingredients made from the finest milk. We stand for consistent top quality and service. Our goal is to help our customers realise their growth ambitions by supporting them with technical know-how and product expertise.

Our extensive range of premium quality ingredients is manufactured at our three state-of-art production facilities in Langemark (West Flanders), Kallo (Port of Antwerp area) and Halen (Limbourg).

For more information about our cooperative and the activities of our other business units, please visit our corporate website Milcobel, your partner in dairy.

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Our People

We could put pictures of our sales team here, but the truth is that the Milcobel Premium Ingredients team is much bigger than that. Our farmers, drivers, production teams, R&D colleagues, as well as our quality , supply chain, procurement, finance, marketing and customer service colleagues all work together so that our commercial team can offer the best solution for your applications. We aim to be your partner in life for premium ingredients.

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Quality and food safety are paramount in all stages of our process, from farm to finished product

Quality at the dairy farm

We collect the fresh and pure milk from our own member dairy farmers, who are all IKM-certified (IKM translates as Integral Milk Quality Assurance). Official quality assessments are conducted by the accredited laboratories in Belgium

Quality during milk transportation

In order to collect the milk from all of our dairy farmers, within the legal deadline and in an optimal way, we deploy more than 60 milk collection trucks daily. Each of these trucks is equipped with a sampling device and a computerised data system for milk volume and supplier registration. GPS location is used to identify each dairy farm. This ensures full traceability at all times. All of our milk collectors have undergone training under the supervision of the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) and hold a milk collector license .

Quality during milk processing and production

We process the milk in our own state-of-the-art factories. All Milcobel plants operate in compliance with the Milcobel QAS (quality assurance system) and the Milcobel ACS (auto-control system), validated by the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). All of our sites have GFSI certification (IFS/BRC).

Our products comply with the strictest standards and their specifications are determined so as to satisfy the most demanding customers, food safety is paramount. Milcobel Premium Ingredients stands for quality of products and services, something we can only achieve by all working together under the expert guidance of our QC team.

Research & development

Arguably the most important function of R&D is to make our product range future proof.

The food industry evolves continuously, feeding on new market trends. Working together with customers on improvements, innovations, different uses in applications etc. is key in order to provide the service our customers need to remain competitive and relevant in their respective markets. An essential ingredient for success is of course the technical know-how and product expertise of our dedicated and highly specialized R&D team.

Research through collaborations and partnerships in the industry and
with research institutions also supports our endeavor to become our
customersĀ“ partner in life for premium ingredients.


Our approach towards sustainability is pragmatic, realistic and achievable, above all else. We are building on the past towards the future, producing premium quality ingredients with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Sustainability extends throughout the supply chain. From grass to plate, we are working hard towards a sustainable future for local dairy farming and society as a whole. A vision you will find reflected in the three pillars of our sustainability strategy.

Sustainable dairy cooperative

We are building on the long-term efforts of our member dairy farmers, which have already led to wonderful results. Above all, sustainability should be realistic, pragmatic and achievable. As entrepreneurs with respect for the diversity and individuality of our dairy farmers, we encourage our members - according to their own level and ability - to take further steps towards sustainability. We reward them for their efforts with sustainability bonuses.

Sustainable production

We are fully committed to sustainability at our production sites. By investing in efficiency, we avoid wastage. As energy, water, food, materials and natural resources become increasingly scarce, we should handle them with care and consideration. Reducing carbon emissions and waste and finetuning recycling processes are further steps towards optimizing efficiency.

People and society

Milcobel as a Group nurtures an all-in approach, down the entire chain, i.e. from dairy farmer to staff to customer. We are giving our employees every development opportunity within the organisation. By nurturing their involvement, striving for more diversity and the right balance between work and free time and increasing the safety culture. We aim to develop long-term relationships with our customers and consumers in the broadest sense, always putting them first in the way we do things. We consider our customers as our partners and treat them accordingly. Openly and transparently. Honestly and loyally. Partnerships, both with customers and other stakeholders, enable us to set and achieve common goals. Milcobel aims to promote dialogue, strive for transparency in the chain and, above all, develop a cooperative with a future perspective that benefits all concerned.

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